Coding Hub Co.,Ltd. is a software development, solution design and technology consulting company. With a customer base ranging from smb to enterprise, we have a strong track record of collaborating closely with our clients to plan and build solutions, mobile apps, web platforms, business automation and intelligent tools to serve digital transformation.


Smart Home Solution

Homes get more intelligent as technology enables people to manage home appliances and devices remotely, through mobile and web software. Striving to stay ahead of this trend, We bring in smart home solutions as part of their extensive Internet of Things expertise. We help IoT vendors, system integrators and enterprises unlock the power of connected devices beyond pure home automation.

Smart Security

Building on proprietary world-leading ultra-high-accuracy face identification algorithms, the Smart Security Platform offers a face identification solution that supports urban security management. The platform can be tailored to the user's unique business procedures to address security challenges such as various ethnic groups, complex environments and extensive datasets.

Software Development

Mobile Development Technology Expertise
Over the past few years, we has carried out over 100 diverse mobile projects that have been highly successful. Our developers have years of professional experience and expertise in projects of various size and scope.
Development Company Expertise
We has started out in 2018 as a Mobile Application development company and over the years with help from our business partner in Internet of Things (IOT), our team has accumulated solid knowledge on End to End IOT platform both Cloud and On-Premise environment.
Product Development Process
By its nature, product development requires meeting requirements that are constantly changing. Once a company presents a development timeline to investors and customers, strict adherence to that timeline is critical. Coding Hub is committed to keeping your product development on schedule.


Front-End Development Services
From building a simple email template to creating comprehensive mobile websites with interactive user interfaces and stunning looks, front-end development stands behind everything you open with your browser.
Front-end Technologies
Markup languages
Stylesheet languages
CSS, Less, Sass, XSL
Programming languages
JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript
Libraries/ JS Frameworks
React, Angular, Knockout, Bootstrap, Vue, Backbone, jQuery, Polymer, D3, JSX
Additional technologies
AJAX, JSONP, Cross-browser, Canvas, SVG, Responsive, Redur, Gulp, Bower, Jest, Mocha, Jasmine


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In House Products

Visitor Management

Is a system for managing people entering the building or in the zone Through various systems So easy to manage and view historical information.

License Plate Recognition

It is a license plate recognition system, license plate detection system to check with the license plate database in the system in real time.

Face Recognition

It is a system for face detection, face detection and identification. To bring to check in real time.

Street Command

Street Command is a Security as a service software solution inspired by the software as a services model.
By using A.I. technologies such as License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition and Object Detection, Street Command can provides many security solutions for example : Security Information and Event Management System.


Check for Blacklist / Whitelist of People and Vehicle.
Using Numeric Identification Datas (Personal ID, License Plate)
Using Biometric Identification Datas (Face)


Working with IoT Accessories as observer, tracker, notifier, etc
Displaying as Data-Visualization, Real-Time Event


System the movement of the wearer is monitored from the sensors of the connected device. Real-time data transmission, uploaded to Mobile App, secure cloud platform. At the end of the session it will alert the room control.

Motion detection system

Using a sensor on the wrist To check when getting up from bed or moving And send a signal to ask for help To show in real time


Equipped with a custom PPG, EDA sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers and a peripheral thermometer, our wrist-worn devices have been designed to accurately and objectively observe physiological biomarkers 24 hours a day:

Incident notification system

LINE Notification

Thermal Scan + Facial Recognition

In the current situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Thailand Temperature screening to screen individuals both inside and outside the area is important.
Interested in asking at a special price And the company also provides facilities for agencies who wish to rent on a monthly basis. The company is happy to serve.

Dowload Flie

Thermal Scan and Face Recognition

This shows how the system can detect tempurature and recognize person at the same time.

Access Control with Face Recognition

The system can recognize person and allow permission for access without touching.

Time in - Facial Attendant

Easy to use
No need to carry cards
Accurate to 99%
Work history
Overtime calculation system
Various reporting systems


Time attendance system with face recognition

User Experience





STEMS is Smart Technology Evolution Medical System to change the world of medical better with technology. We crate solution to monitoring patient with IoT technology to catch up the problem of your health to the doctor action with your plan and solve it before you sick and save your time on the hospital, Save your life with many sensor technology connected with doctor anytime anywhere.
We spent every time to develop more solution to help people make them better with technology and we hope to evolution the medical in any country keep in touch together and better than today.

Technologies Driving Change in the World

Fall detection with Machine learning project

We develop the machine learning modal to classify your activity and learning what do you doing in every day and detect when you falling alarm to the system and sent LINE notification to your family. We work together with the hospital to monitoring patient activity and alarm when patient has falling or out of the bed to prevention the accident.

Heartbeat and stress monitoring

Provides insight into physiological signals associated with activity, rest, and emotional responses against Hamilton Depression Rating Scale Score (HDRS) changes. Detects both short-term and long-term patterns that enable identifying triggers and provide accurate forecasts for depression.

Online doctor with sensors

View sensor data of the connected device in real time. Data will automatically be uploaded to Health Box IoT, our secure cloud platform, after the session ends. Ideal for laboratory settings and live events where you want to showcase data.


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