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Front-End Development Services

From building a simple email template to creating comprehensive mobile websites with interactive user interfaces and stunning looks, front-end development stands behind everything you open with your browser.

The tools that lead to your project’s success

Our approach utilizes IDE, the version control system, the issue tracker, and the continuous integration server. To manage large-scale projects that utilize external dependencies, we opt for Bower and Node.js Package Manager. We build our custom software with the help of Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack tools, while quality assurance is provided by Karma. But not only do we rely on popular and most-wanted techs in front-end app development, we are also among the first to successfully implement cutting-edge instruments, including the promising Angular 5 web app framework.

Front-end Technologies

Markup languages
Stylesheet languages
CSS, Less, Sass, XSL
Programming languages
JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript
Libraries/ JS Frameworks
React, Angular, Knockout, Bootstrap, Vue, Backbone, jQuery, Polymer, D3, JSX
Additional technologies
AJAX, JSONP, Cross-browser, Canvas, SVG, Responsive, Redur, Gulp, Bower, Jest, Mocha, Jasmine

*Please contact us if you have not found the expertise you require.

Get the most out of your HTML5 app

As an HTML5 development company, we believe that true cross-platform HTML5 application development can make your app run smoothly on any supported device or platform, which is why we use the AngularJS-based Ionic framework that allows delivering effective HTML5 solutions. Agility is the key. Our settled front-end app development process guarantees your product will be delivered bang on, while our agility will allow seamlessly integrating new requirements that the ever-changing market may demand.

Why hire front-end developers at HQSoftware?

What are the advantages of hiring front-end developers at HQSoftware? The answer is the expertise we’ve gained through years of providing effective solutions to our clients across the globe. Our main focus is user experience, load speed optimization, maintainability, and multi-browser-compatibility.

We’ve honed our skills as a web front-end developer in numerous technologies and approaches—from HTML5 and CSS to Object Oriented JavaScript programming with frameworks and libraries including AngularJS, ReactJS, Knockout, and VueJS.

Working with HQSoftware guarantees flexibility: feel free to hire front-end developers either as part of a project group or as dedicated specialists.

Whatever trends are, we’re standing by and ready to go.