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Everything you need to know about our Company
As a pioneer in artificial intelligence innovation, YITU integrates state-of-the-art AI technologies with industrial applications for a safer, healthier and faster world. YITU maintains a world-class R&D team having global vision to drive industrial development with advanced technologies. Rather than simply using technologies from large companies or laboratories for monetary gains, we are engaged in fundamental research of artificial intelligence to find comprehensive solutions for machine vision, listening, and comprehension. We strive to make breakthroughs in computer vision, natural language understanding, voice recognition, knowledge reasoning, and robotics. Today YITU has extensive presences in sectors such as security, healthcare, finance, parks, and retail. We are curious about human wisdom and we expand the potential of AI. We look forward to creating an intelligent future with you side by side.

Technologies Driving Change in the World

Proprietary Development of Full Stack Technology

In-depth explorations into fundamental AI technologies, including computer vision, speech recognition, natural language comprehension and human-machine interaction
Further building of big data platforms, AI Chips and other fundamental infrastructure

World Algorithm Champion

Three championships in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), the gold standard for global industrial applications

Large-Scale Practical Verification

Implementation of smart operation and management technologies in a city with a massive hundred-million scale data traffic and complex conditions

Diving into Multiple Industry Scenarios

Finding and solving global concerns
Unlocking multi-industry scenarios for intelligent cities, intelligent health care and intelligent commerce

World-Class Technology Talents

Elites from the world's academic and industrial sectors
Outstanding AI scientists
World-class champion team in computer competitions